Jessie & Myers

The Builder

The mark of a good builder can almost always be measured by the quality of work, the materials used and the manner with which a project is completed. In contrast, the mark of a great builder is measured both by the work that is done, as well as the relationships forged along the way. We feel that we are a great builder, and this is due to the unrelenting standards set by Bo Tate, the owner of Jessie & Myers Construction Company, Inc.

Bo is the consummate building professional, but that is just a small part of the whole. Bo, and is lovely wife, Wanda, pride themselves on the personal relationships that they have with many of their clients, many of which they completed a house decades ago for. This is the measuring stick that we use to know that we are doing more than just a good job. Bo and Wanda take pride in being vital members of the community and it is not unusual to see folks coming up and shaking their hand at the local grocery store or at a social event. They work and LIVE in the community, and they know how to serve their clients with the utmost of professionalism AND unabashed care for doing a great job.

For over twenty-five years, Jessie & Myers Construction has served the greater Brunswick Islands with excellence in all building services that are offered. We couple traditional Southern hospitality with our excellence in creating the finest homes available, providing excellence in craftsmanship for our homeowners. You will find our beautifully designed and well built homes in many of the areas finest residential golf communities as well as along our beautiful shoreline.

We work endlessly with our clients to make sure that we pay attention to detail, ensuring that when the time comes for you to move in, we have crafted a successful structure that you will be happy to call home. Every home that we build has specific architectural styling designed to make the homeowners dream’s become a reality. We pride ourselves on building homeowner loyalty. Relationships with our clients continue long after the construction is over and the homeowner has moved in. For this we are grateful.