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The Team

Clear communication and teamwork are key to the success of Jessie & Myers Construction Company, Inc. To build your dream home, you need a team of custom home building professionals dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

While your home is in the construction phase, here are the quality folks you can expect to work with...

Bo Tate - President and Owner
Josh Pecuil - Vice President
Mike O’ Driscol - Project Manager
Ralph Lentini - Commercial Project Manager
Marty Isaac - Foreman
Wanda Tate - Interior Designer & Furnishing
Rachelle Palmer - Accountant / Customer Relations

Our Building Philosophy

The mark of a good builder can be measured by the quality of work, the materials used, and the manner in which a project is completed.

In contrast, the mark of a GREAT builder is measured by the work that is done – as well as the relationships forged along the way.

If you are looking for a great builder, we fit the bill! And this is precisely as result of the unrelenting service standards set by Bo Tate, the President and Owner of Jessie & Myers Construction Company, Inc.

Here at Jessie & Myers Construction, we have over 20 clients that are repeat builders with us! Bo Tate and Josh Pecuil – our Vice President – are consummate building professionals. But that is just a small part of the picture.

Bo, and his lovely wife, Wanda, hold in high regard the personal relationships they have established with their clients – many for whom they completed a home project decades ago. These relationships are the measuring sticks we use to know that we are doing more than just a good job.

We work and LIVE in the community. We serve our clients with the utmost professionalism AND unabashed care for doing a great job.

Bo, Wanda and now Josh, their grandson – who is planning to take on the business and plant his roots here at Ocean Isle – take pride in being vital members of the community. It is not unusual to see folks coming up and shaking their hands at the local grocery store or at a social event.

High Standards of Service

For over 25 years, Jessie & Myers Construction has provided superior custom home building services to the greater Brunswick Islands of North Carolina. You will find our beautifully designed and well-built homes along many of the area's finest beaches.

We couple traditional Southern hospitality with home-building excellence to deliver an unmatched level of craftsmanship to our homeowners. Every house we build has a specific architectural style, custom-tailored to each homeowner’s unique vision.

By working endlessly with you  – our client – to make sure that we pay attention to EVERY detail, we ensure your house we build is one you are happy to call home.

One of our greatest measures of success is our level of homeowner loyalty. We realize the relationships with our clients continue long after construction is over and the homeowner has moved in. And for this, we are grateful! Discover our unique building process.

Crafting dreams into reality, Jessie & Myers Construction brings decades of Custom Home Building experience to North Carolina's shoreline.

Commercial Construction

At Jessie & Meyers Construction, we not only build custom homes, but we have also developed various commercial structures in our time.

We have a healthy number of ABC stores under our belt, along with three River hotel buildings, some water treatment plants in North and South Carolina, a couple of libraries, and even a restaurant.

Although we have built almost every type of home in this area that you can think of, the majority of the work that we feature in our portfolio can be summed up into two distinct types:

  • Beachfront & waterway homes
  • Commercial constructions

Check out our building portfolio by clicking the links below.

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